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Rumored MCU Phase 5 Leaks Including Return Of RDJ | Barside Buzz

rumored MCU Phase 5 leaks from The Cosmic Circus. These leaks include the return of RDJ as Tony Stark, if true.

Today we are sharing a series of rumored MCU Phase 5 leaks from The Cosmic Circus that were discussed on their latest podcast. These leaks include the return of RDJ as Tony Stark, if true. However as with all rumors, take all this with a pinch of salt. TCC has a good hit rate. However the fact these were discussed only on podcast without an accompanying article makes me wonder if some of these are yet to be completely verified?

I’ll go with the order of information that was discussed and I’m using the transcript from r/MarvelStudiosSpoilers (where I first caught this) rather than typing it all up myself. Let’s get to it.

‘From all Phase 5 projects, only Quantumania, Loki Season 2, The Marvels and Agatha have something to do with the multiverse.’

Not a shocker by any means, but I did think there may be a few more.

‘There is another movie between Fantastic Four and Kang Dynasty.’

Interesting, one wonders if it may not be announced due to some kind of keeping a secret?

‘The project where the multiverse truly becomes central to the broader MCU and all of its characters is Deadpool 3, which will lead into the next Avengers movies in a similar way to the post-credit scene of Thor Ragnarok.  Deadpool will be an integral part of the MCU going forward.’

‘The Darkhold will be a big plot point in Agatha. A Kang variant indeed wrote The Darkhold, which Alex claims is full of lies, because The Darkhold described Wanda as a nexus being, a thing she is not, because she has variants. Nexus beings are singular. He assumes Kang writing lies into The Darkhold is him taking early measures against Wanda.’

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‘The incursion in the upcoming Avengers film will be between universes 616 and 838. There is an alive unseen Illuminati member from 838 who will have a bone to pick with The Avengers. Alex claims to know exactly who the character is. He then spills the beans that it’s an Iron Man variant, personally thinks Robert Downey Jr. will play him.\’

Stark coming back was rumored already for Secret Wars. This simply adds more fuel to the fire. Plus, it’s a great way to have RDJ return for one last hurrah and not demean his sacrifice in Endgame.

‘Confirms The Beyonder is coming.’

Remember, one of the rumors we’ve shared already claims that The Beyonder is another Kang variant.

‘The Watcher is being focused on because he is the only one among the many watchers who is willing to intervene. Alex cheekily teases The Watcher will have something to do with The Fantastic Four.’

There you have it and we will see how much of this checks out further down the line.

What do you think of these rumored MCU Phase 5 leaks including the possible return of RDJ? Thoughts below as always.

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