– by Seth McDonald

, Ron Howard, says the man who created the galaxy far, far away, George Lucas, approves of the upcoming film. In an interview with ComicBook, Howard discussed Lucas’ visit to the Solo set.

“He doesn’t get down in the weeds on the movies anymore. He did come by and visit the set, which is a pretty rare thing, but he did it as a show of support which was really cool. And he was really complimentary. But he was also really confident when I came in that I would get the feel of it and understand how to maximize the entertainment value of these characters and this world.”

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Lucas and Howard are no strangers to each other, having worked together on Lucas’ pre-Star Wars film, American Grafitti. Lucas hasn’t been too vocal about what Disney has done with Star Wars. It’s known that Disney turned away Lucas’ treatment for the new trilogy. A Solo film was in the works even before Disney purchased Lucasfilm back in 2012, so this story is something that Lucas has had interest in for some time. I think it would be a nice gesture for Lucasfilm to offer Lucas a chance to direct a Star Wars film, assuming ol’ Georgie boy is up for it.

How do you think George Lucas feels about what Disney has done with his beloved Star Wars? Let us know in the comments down below!

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Source: ComicBook (via CBR)