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This may be one big bantha spoiler alert, so if you do NOT want to be spoiled, go read another article on the site.

Otherwise, you can continue reading about certain details of a scene in the next installment with STAR WARS: EPISODE VIII.

In an article from TheMakingStarWars.net, there are unconfirmed spoilers for the movie.

The article describes “black helmeted medieval-looking figures” hunting Luke Skywalker and Rey on the coast of Ahch-To, the water planet at the end of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII – THE FORCE AWAKENS where Rey seeks out Luke Skywalker.  They are believed to be the self-described Jedi hunters. There may be a showdown between with Rey and Luke versus the Knights of Ren.

So why are the Knights of Ren on Ahch-To? Here are the details from that site’s sources (spoiler aleart again):

  • Kylo Ren and the Knights of Ren turns up on the coast. He does not wear a mask in this scene, but the same costume and with the cross guard saber from the last movie.
  • Rey and Kylo Ren will duel on a cliff overlooking the nighttime water as he wants revenge against the girl who embarrassed and disgraced him.
  • Knights of Ren battle Luke Skywalker on a beach. First knight approaches Luke with an axe, but is quickly dispatched with a Force Push. Luke turns on his green lightsaber and fights each Knight one-by-one.
  • Rey is not seen at the cliff any longer either possible wounded or fell off the cliff. Luke approaches Kylo to confront him. As a wise coward, Kylo retreats after seeing the defeated Knights of Ren.

The source commented that “a lot of wire work was used.”

Please keep in mind that these are unconfirmed reports, but it sounds like the scene had already been filmed.

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Source: TheMakingStarWars.net

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