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SHHH! A Quiet Place Part II Drops On DVD Today

When A Quiet Place debuted in theaters it became a massive hit that immediately launched a sequel.  While the pandemic delayed the initial release of A Quiet Place Part II the hype for the sequel never went away.  Written

‘A Quiet Place 3’ Finds New Writer And Director

The John Krasinski blockbuster hit A Quiet Place is now gearing up for a third film in the franchise.  Deadline reported that Paramount Pictures has picked Jeff Nichols to write and direct the third film.  This comes as

A Quiet Place Writers Teaming With Sam Raimi For New Film

The A Quiet Place writers are joining forces with Sam Raimi? Yes, please! Are you ready for the writers of A Quiet Place to take things to the next level? I mean, I guess putting

John Krasinski Says A Quiet Place Part II Will Be Scarier Than The Original

Who knew the guy that played prankster Jim Halpert on NBC's The Office could take us through a masterclass in building tension and suspense? We definitely learned a thing or two about Krasinkski's skills while

John Krasinski Started Thinking About A Third Film While Writing A Quiet Place Part II

While many of his fans first met John Krasinski as the prank-playing paper salesman, Jim Halpert, on NBC's The Office, he has continued to impress us taking on more dramatic roles such as Jack Silva

A Quiet Place Part II: Questions Are Answered In Super Bowl Spot & Featurette

A Quiet Place captured the imagination of audiences a couple of years back, and it seemed like one of those movies that would be a one-and-done, but the box office seemed to differ. Now, director

A Quiet Place Part II Has Wrapped Production

In today’s day and age, there seem to be fewer types of movies that can actually survive a theatrical run. Few mid-budget films seem to work, and what we’re often left with are blockbusters and

A Quite Place 2 To Delve Into Monsters’ Origins

Okay, so I'm a little worried here. Horror is a tough thing to get right. Sure, the budget required for the things is relatively minimal compared to a lot of other genres, but as far

A Quiet Place 2 Wrapping Up In September

Are you an A Quiet Place fan?  More than likely you are.  With a budget of $17-21 million and bringing in over $300 million worldwide, add on the positive fan and critic feedback, we figured

A Quiet Place Sequel Pushed Forward Two Months

A Quiet Place was one of those unexpected low-key horror-thriller films that managed to really hit it big. Like films such as Get Out, it managed to explode past its genre audience into the mainstream