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Review: American Horror Story 1984 – “Final Girl”

The year is 2019. Transported via Prius, a lone traveler is dropped off where the road ends and hikes past the private property sign. Eventually, he makes his way to the deserted Camp Redwood, where

Review: American Horror Story 1984 – “Rest In Pieces”

NOTE: An error was made in the previous AHS 1984 review regarding the number of episodes left. This writer was under the impression there were eight episodes this season. However, there are nine. The season finale review

Review: American Horror Story 1984 – “Episode 100”

The police arrived. Brooke was arrested. Margaret got away scot-free. Richard and Mr. Jingles sped away in a stolen cop car. And the souls of those that were murdered at Camp Redwood remain there, haunting

Review: American Horror Story 1984 – “Red Dawn”

When we last left our crew at Camp Redwood, psychologist Donnie Chambers revealed herself to be posing as Nurse Rita in order to document the drive that fuels Mr. Jingles--having helped break him out of

American Horror Story 1984 Review: ‘Mr. Jingles’

The gore, twists and '80s camp continue to flow wildly in the second episode of American Horror Story: 1984. Related - American Horror Story 1984 Review: 'Camp Redwood' Brooke is trying to tell everyone that Mr.

Review: American Horror Story 1984 – “Camp Redwood”

As Autumn approaches, FX has released its annual tradition just in time for the falling leaves and the chill in the air. The latest chapter in the American Horror Story anthology has arrived, titled AHS