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Audience Network Shuttering, Original Shows Likely Folded Into HBO Max

Thank the maker! While it does kind of suck that we’re getting so many different streaming services, one positive does seem to be that some networks are sort of folding into their parent company. Most

Mr. Mercedes Season 2: Script To Screen Featurette Highlights The Hero-Villain Dynamic

https://youtu.be/IctJrtYlcf4 Yes, it may be a bit of a hassle to get a hold of, but if you have access to the Audience Network, I highly recommend you check out Season 1 of Mr. Mercedes.

Mr. Mercedes Season 2: Brady Is Back…Sort Of

https://youtu.be/79Px8KWEdMM I've been a silent supporter of the Audience Network original series Mr. Mercedes. As a big fan of the books by Stephen King, it already caught my eye, but the execution of that first