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How David Tennant Could Have Starred In NBC’s Hannibal

Recently most audiences remember David Tennant from his role in Netflix's Jessica Jones. In the series he played the villainous Killgrave. Now he is ready to star as a rich serial killer in the film

Bad Samaritan Interview: Kerry Condon, Jacquelin Byers, & Carlito Olivero On Working On The David Tennant Thriller

David Tennant is sure making good money off of playing unhinged psychopaths. He did a bang-up job in the Marvel/Netflix show Jessica Jones, and he's continued this trend in the upcoming thriller Bad Samaritan. In the film,

Bad Samaritan Interview: Discussing The Dark Thriller With Director Dean Devlin And Screenwriter Brandon Boyce

In the age of the current blockbusters, it's very easy to forget the indie film movement we're also in the midst of. Now, more than ever, it's easy for an independent film to gain momentum,

Bad Samaritan Trailer Reaffirms David Tennant Can Really Play A Creepy Bad Guy

David Tennant was a pretty good villain as Kilgrave in Netflix’s Jessica Jones. It wouldn’t be long before he would take another villainous role. Tennant stars in director Dean Devlin’s thriller Bad Samaritan as Cale