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Asjha Cooper and Keith David on Vampire Horror with Amazon’s Black As Night [Exclusive Interview]

It’s most fitting for veteran thespian Keith David to be a vampire master in Amazon’s Black As Night. And for Asjha Cooper, the be that young vampire hunter seeking to stop the vampire infestation. Here’s

Fabrizio Guido, Mason Beauchamp and Craig Tate on Vampire Movie Amazon’s Black as Night [Exclusive Interview]

New Orleans has such a rich long history—it has to be a haven for vampires. As part of the second season of Welcome to Blumhouse series, Black as Night serves as an urban vampire with

Four Trailers and Posters for Amazon’s Welcome to the Blumhouse with Bingo Hell, Black As Night, Madres, and The Manor

[caption id="attachment_184149" align="alignnone" width="880"] Welcome to the Blumhouse[/caption] Last year, Amazon Studios and Blumhouse Television shook the streaming service with its original horror film series collection with The Lie, Black Box, Evil Eye, and Nocturne.