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New Writers For Fantastic Four And Thunderbolts Plus Blade May Be Delayed – Avengers 5 Will Be Retitled

Yesterday THR released a wide ranging Marvel article including news like new writers for Fantastic Four and Thunderbolts, Blade may be delayed and Avengers 5 will be retitled. For the full article itself please check

More Fantastic Four Rumors Including Possible Delay | Barside Buzz

In today's Barside Buzz we are sharing some more Fantastic Four rumors including a possible further delay for the movie. But wait Cam, we literally just got an official release date and the movie was

Midnight Sons Rumored To Still Be In Development | Barside Buzz

According to the Barside Buzz, there is still a Midnight Sons film in development in the MCU, though we don't even have Blade yet. This team up movie for the more supernatural side of MCU

Disney Theatrical Slate – Marvel Edition

Folks we have a Disney theatrical slate update from yesterday, and we're breaking it down, this is the Marvel Edition. You can find the Star Wars edition posted alongside this article on the front page,

Blade Plot Rumors – Ebony Blade But No Black Knight | Barside Buzz

The latest Barside Buzz offers some Blade plot details which say we'll get the Ebony Blade, but no Black Knight outside of a post credit scene. As readers know the character of Black Knight was

Thunderbolts Could Lose Another Cast Member And Fantastic Four Eyeing March Production | Barside Buzz

Some new Barside Buzz to share, including Thunderbolts could lose another actor and Fantastic Four eyeing March for production, plus more. The information today comes form the latest edition of The Hot Mic with John

Mahershala Ali Gives Blade Update And Hopes To Get Back To It Soon

Star Mahershala Ali gives a Blade update in a recent interview, saying he hopes to get back to it soon, but is very encouraged. Ali spoke with EW recently, and here is what he had

Deadpool 3 -Captain America 4 – Thunderbolts – Blade All Delayed – Rumored Extensive Re-shoots For Cap 4

Now the strikes have ended we have news that Deadpool 3, Captain America 4, Thunderbolts, and Blade are delayed, with extensive re-shoots rumored for Cap 4. As you know Deadpool 3 was in the middle

Blade Director Confirms Movie Will Be R-Rated

New Blade director Yann Demange confirms the movie will be R-rated in a recent interview. Demange, the latest incumbent helmer of Blade (now written by Michael Green) spoke to Deadline recently about his upcoming short

Marvel Article From Variety Branded A Hit Piece And Rejected By Leaks Community | Barside Buzz

The recent Marvel article from Variety we covered extensively has been branded a hit piece and rejected by much of the leaks community and another trade. This is a complicated situation and I'm not telling