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Gattlin Griffith On Playing A Bandit In Catch The Bullet [Exclusive Interview]

Lionsgate’s Catch The Bullet is out today on Blu-ray and DVD. The genre of Westerns for decades has entertained audiences around the world. That back and forth battle between good and evil. Where lawmen would

Who Catches The Bullet? An EXCLUISVE CLIP From The Western Catch The Bullet

Western films are a lot of fun. If you say you like westerns you might be lying to yourself as franchises like Star Wars are basically space westerns. The rugged looks of the characters that

Michael Feifer Talks To Us About His Western Catch The Bullet [Exclusive Interview]

Today is the release of Lionsgate’s feature film, Catch The Bullet. This western showcases the harsh reality of living in those days especially if you had a job like Britt MacMasters. A U.S. Marshal that