CDPR Hacked And Held To Ransom

CDPR hacked and held to ransom! Not a headline I thought I would be writing today but you never know? It seems CD Projekt Red, creators of The Witcher games and recent disaster Cyberpunk 2077,

Mistborn Author Offers CD Projekt Red The Rights To Make Books Into A Video Game

  CD Projekt Red is one of the most loved and respected game developers out there right now. CDPR, as they are called for short, made the three video games based on The Witcher, culminating

Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay Video And Destiny 2: Forsaken Trailer | Video Game Roundup

A couple of big videos dropped in the video game world yesterday and we felt they were worth sharing with those who don’t regularly browse dedicated video games channels. Let's start with Cyberpunk 2077, shall