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Chaos Walking Trailer Starring Daisy Ridley And Tom Holland

Chaos Walking from Lionsgate is one of those films that has been around for a while, similar to New Mutants. You know the film that kept getting pushed back for every reason imaginable? It had

‘Unreleasable’ Chaos Walking FINALLY Gets A Release Date — What Happened?

Hollywood is full of plenty of problematic productions. You get those movies with lots of negative buzz, questionable scripts, or incredibly-long delays. One such film is Chaos Walking. This was a film that seems to

Doug Liman Gives Chaos Walking Update And Talks Difficulty In Subverting Tropes

Reshoots and additional photography have become a common thing in Hollywood. It’s no longer a big red flag if a film is set to have a few weeks of them, as pretty much every tentpole

Tom Holland Teases Something For Monday

Oh, Tom Holland, what are you up to? The Spider-Man actor is notorious for being pretty loose-lipped about all things Marvel; so much so that he wasn't even allowed to understand what the hell was

Tom Holland & Daisy Ridley’s Chaos Walking To Get Major Reshoots

Looks like we have another big-budget film set to have "extensive" reshoots. According to THR, Doug Liman's Chaos Walking, which stars Tom Holland and Daisy Ridley, will have two to three weeks of "significant" additional

Tom Holland & Daisy Ridley Get Post-Apocalyptic In First Set Photo For Chaos Walking!

Disney may be hard at work at crafting together two of the biggest franchises in film history with their Star Wars and Marvel Cinematic Universe, but in between the shooting of those mammoth series, stars Daisy Ridley