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Birds Of Prey Gets Its CinemaScore And It Isn’t Great

Birds of Prey (and the too-long subtitle) is in theaters as we speak (write?) and its opening weekend has been a mix of good and bad news for DC and Warner Bros. The good news

The Lion King: Audiences Disagree With Critics… Again

It never comes as a surprise when audiences love a film that critics hate. Critics are, well, too critical sometimes and get caught up in their own idea of what film should be versus what

Dark Phoenix Receives A Disappointing CinemaScore

I promise you we're not beating up on this movie. None of us at LRM Online want to see movies do poorly. When a movie is bad it's not entertaining, and who wants to be disappointed at

Captain Marvel Gets Its CinemaScore And Controversy Continues

The Controversy Continues Over the last few weeks, there has been a lot of discussion about comments made by Brie Larson and her film, Captain Marvel. The actress ruffled some feathers with the way she