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Mindset, Break Out and Metal Society with Zack Kaplan: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss; Mindset, Break Out and Metal Society with Zack Kaplan The Comic Source Podcast Follow Zack on Twitter Follow Zack on Instagram Subscribe to Zack's Substack Jace is joined by writer

Beastlands | Curtis Clow Interview

Curtis Clow was inspired personally by his dog companion for the story with Beastlands. From that relationship, he developed a fantastical world that can be described as a cross between Pokémon, Digimon, and Game of

Is Warner Bros. Bringing Back The Mask?

Comic book adaptations into films is nothing new, years before the flood of comic book properties filling out theaters and televisions with Marvel and DC films and series came one of the most successful and

Dark Horse’s The Mask Returns To ‘Make America Green Again’

When you bring up The Mask, most people's mind will automatically think of the popular 1994 film directed by Chuck Russell that starred Jim Carrey, Carmen Diaz and Peter Greene. Almost ten years later a

Black Hammer Justice League Crossover By Jeff Lemire Coming In July

Jeff Lemire is one of my favorite writers in the comic book industry. He has written some of my favorite Bloodshot arcs over at Valiant Entertainment and some amazing titles over at Image Comics like

Netflix’s The Umbrella Academy Number One On Most Watched Streaming Series List

Netflix has found itself on the end of a lot of negative comments because of recently finishing off canceling the remaining Marvel shows on their streaming service. Since they didn't own the rights to the

Batman Goes Down A DANGEROUS Path | Weekly Comic Pull List 1/2/19

Getting back to my comic roots, I’ve decided to start a weekly review of what I believe are the best three comic books of the week. You can think of this as a pull list if you