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Disney Canceled Ducktales 3 Reasons Why

As many know by now the Disney canceled DuckTales with the series ending after the run of its third season. This came as a surprise due to the news being broken by production members rather

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Feeling down and isolated? Why not perk up with these five classic cartoon series? With the current situation around the world, people are left with free time that normally would be a luxury. Knowing how

Darkwing Duck is Back…Well Kind Of | Fine Toon

In the last episode of DuckTales, "The Duck Knight Returns," the entire episode was centered around Darkwing Duck as if the Batman-inspired title didn’t give that away. Last year, I stated that a comeback of

Did The Disney Afternoon Heavily Influence ’90s Kids’ Current Taste In Cinema? | Breaking Geek

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Could Darkwing Duck Be On Its Way Back?

In the early 1990s, there was a duck whose only mission was to rid the streets of evil. No, I am not talking about Howard the Duck. I am referring to one of the best