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Rosalie Chiang of Pixar’s Turning Red Interview | CRX 2022

For a young actress, Rosalie Chiang, the opportunity to voice the main protagonist Meilin in Pixar’s Turning Red was an opportunity of a lifetime. It was like the Chinese gods created a destined fate for

How Many Ads Will Be On Disney+ Ad-Supported Option

Just how many ads will be on the Disney+ ad-supported option when it launches? Right now Disney+ like most streaming services runs ad free. However it was announced fairly recently that Disney would offer an

The Official Trailer For Lightyear Has Been Released

Disney and Pixar’s Lightyear, the origin story from Toy Story character, Buzz Lightyear, is coming this Summer. Sometimes, remakes, prequels, sequels, and inspired by projects can fall flat, but there are some gems out there.

Turning Red Official Trailer: And You Thought Your Puberty Was Hard

Directed by Domee Shi and Produced by Lindsey Collins, Turning Red is a coming-of-age story for a 13-year-old girl in the early 2000s. Also, the family “quirk” is turning into a red panda. Pixar has

Lightyear Teaser Trailer Creates “Buzz” For Toy Story Spin-off

“To infinity and …” Back in 1995, the movie, Toy Story, was released. A movie where toys come alive and the humans don’t know and a little boy, Andy, is having a birthday party before

Dug Days | Disney Shares Teaser Trailer In Honor Of Dog Day

Any fan of the movie UP will be excited about this news.  Disney's favorite dog Dug is returning and up to some new adventures.  Known for his playful and positive attitude Dug is now the star

Disney/Pixar Give a Glimpse Behind The Inspirations of Soul

A soul looks down on Earth and has decided that life isn't worth living. Another soul arrives in The Great Before and doesn't want to stay. There's a lot that can be said about a

NFC Discusses Pixar’s Onward

  In this Nerd Flix & Chill podcast we discuss Pixar's latest film, Onward. Pixar has a great track record of telling meaningful stories with masterful skill. Does Onward live up to the Pixar legacy?

Disney+ First Look At D23 Expo

Remember when Disney was taking over the world?  I sure do.  This year's San Diego Comic-Con was packed with the usual suspects ranging from toys, to TV, to films, etc. but some franchises held back. 

NFC Discusses Toy Story 4 and Pixar’s Storytelling Genius

When Toy Story 4 was announced, many thought that it was unnecessary. They felt like Toy Story 3 wrapped things up so well that another film couldn't capture the same magic. We counted ourselves among