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Dumbo Exclusive Easter Egg Clip: Some Homages You May Have Missed

https://youtu.be/pT6wAZ-J6zA Dumbo isn't exactly a carbon copy of the original film. Unlike a lot of the other Disney live-action adaptations we've had in recent years, this movie has an identity all its own, and doesn't

Dumbo Review: A One Trick Flick

  Dumbo is the story of a baby elephant that happened to be born with enormous ears. As the newest member to a floundering circus run by Max Medici (Danny DeVito), the crew wrestles with

Dumbo: Danny Elfman On Says Working With Tim Burton ‘A Lot Less Simple’ Than Other Directors

Oftentimes when we follow careers in filmmaking, it's very easy to see common collaborators. You have Steven Spielberg and John Williams, Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio, and of course, Tim Burton and Danny Elfman. One

Dumbo Producer On Why Tim Burton Sought To Remake This Movie In Live-Action

When it came to Disney animated movies that were likely contenders for the live-action treatment, Dumbo didn't seem like a likely candidate for me. Sure, it's one of their many classics, but in terms of

Dumbo: Behind The Scenes Look

https://youtu.be/sf6O1aYoj0k Whether you like it or not, Disney is remaking their entire library of cartoon movies in live-action. We have three hitting this year alone! The first of which is Dumbo, and it hits the big

Check Out The Dumbo Character Posters

Disney's live-action remakes of its popular animated films gets put into overdrive this year with not one, not two, but three releases! While many people associate Alice in Wonderland and  Maleficent with being the start of this

Disney Goes BIG For 2019: Their Complete Slate Of Films

The media giant that will one day rule the planet as Earth's overlords has released their film slate for 2019. Currently known as Disney, the company has a number of highly anticipated films with two

Fandango Poll Reveals The Most Anticipated Films Of 2019

The year of 2019 has all kinds of wonderful things in store for nerds like us. Arguably some of the most anticipated movies ever will be released. From Avengers: Endgame to the final installment into

New Images From Aladdin, Dumbo, And Shazam Hit The Web

We're in that awkward and slow section in between Christmas and New Year's, and with that, there is very little news to go on. Sure, we got some details here and there, but in terms

The Pros And Cons Of Disney’s Obsession With Live-Action Remakes | Breaking Geek

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