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Lee Pace on Playing Brother Day in Apple TV+’s Foundation [Exclusive Interview]

Lee Pace certainly has a challenge in the Apple TV+’s Foundation, which is based on Isaac Asimov’s novels. With the adapted series for Apple TV+, Foundation took certain liberties in certain ways to make a

Jared Harris on Hari Seldon That Sparked the Events for Apple TV+’s Foundation [Exclusive Interview]

Although Hari Seldon is the mathematician that used algorithmic science and psychohistory to predict the downfall of the empire in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation, his predictions sparked the turn of events that made it all possible.

David S. Goyer on Making the Impossible Project to Reality in Apple TV+’s Foundation [Exclusive Interview]

The Isaac Asimov Foundation novels were considered as impossible to adapt for television or for a movie. As one of the most beloved science fiction tales, the story was too vast and broad to make

Leah Harvey on Playing Salvor Hardin in Apple TV+’s Foundation [Exclusive Interview]

Leah Harvey rejoiced on playing the version of Salvor Hardin in Apple TV+’s Foundation. The character is gender-swapped and has taken an important role in the fight for the survival of the universe. All for

Lou Llobell on Changes to Gaal Dornick in Apple TV+’s Foundation [Exclusive Interview]

Gaal Dornick is an important piece of Hari Seldon’s mysterious Seldon Project in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation. With Apple TV’s adaptation, Lou Llobell portrays a different psychohistorian that has a different role for the greater good

New Foundation Trailer Reveals Premiere Date On Apple TV+

Check out this new Foundation trailer which reveals the premiere date on Apple TV+. Foundation is based on the series of novels by American sci-fi author Isaac Asimov. The book initially consisted of a trilogy,

Apple Orders Isaac Asimov’s Foundation Saga to Series

I'm sure most of our readers have heard of Isaac Asimov, an author with a huge reputation amongst sci-fi in general. Asimov wrote many stories and whilst is work has been referenced a lot, we

Apple Lands Isaac Asimov Sci-Fi Series Foundation From David S. Goyer

  While we have yet to see an ounce of original content from Apple yet (that will come later), the tech giant has locked down a lot of great content from very high-profile talent that