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Friend Request: Brooke Markham Addresses Playing Dream Role In A Horror Film

It’s a start of a remarkable journey of friendship in the horror genre. Actress Brooke Markham stars as Isabella, one of the protagonist’s best friends in Friend Request, who is haunted by some Internet demonic

Friend Request: Connor Paolo Discusses The Sense of Horror And Using Social Media Properly

In horror films, desperate characters will do everything and anything to survive. Connor Paolo (Gossip Girl, Revenge) plays Kobe, a computer-savvy friend, who tried to assist Laura, a popular social media girl, from the haunts

Friend Request: Sean Marquette Talks About Makeup Effects And Mini-Stunts

Being haunted by a certain Internet demon is no funny business. Sean Marquette stars in the horror film Friend Request as one of the group of friends being hunted by some kind of demon lurking

Friend Request: Brit Morgan Discusses The Transformation With Special And Makeup Effects

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=llEP88wJqiY There is no escape from paranormal cyberstalking. Actress Brit Morgan (Riverdale, Supergirl) stars in this horror film Friend Request in the supporting role as the best friend to a college student being stalked by

Friend Request: Liesl Ahlers Talks About Her Transformation Into The Demon

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x-b38-UMB2Q Be careful who you befriend on social media. The new friend could be some powerful demon. South African actress Liesl Ahlers stars as the antagonist villainess named Marina in the horror film Friend Request.

Evil Is Trending In New Trailer & Poster For Horror Flick Friend Request

While today’s technology-laden world makes a lot of things easier, it also comes at a price. Things may be easier than ever before, allowing us to be more productive in ways we never imagined, but