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Paddy’s Ain’t Closing Yet, It’s Always Sunny Renewed Through Season 18!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia has been renewed through Season 18. The series now has the honor of being the longest-running (American) live-action comedy television history. Not bad for considering the original pilot was shot

Archer’s Last Season Is Reverting Back To Normal But Does It Matter? | Fine Toon

As you have read here on LRM I am a fan of the Archer series but have become strained with the long running show for a dip in quality that has been well observed by

Is Archer Back To Form With Archer: 1999? | Fine Toon

The 10th season of Archer, Archer: 1999, recently debuted on FXX last Wednesday bringing the long-in-the-tooth series back to the viewer. Fans have noticed a recent negative trend in the series since the dream seasons

Deadpool Creator Rob Liefeld ‘Mourns’ The Cancellation Of Donald Glover’s Series

Over the course of the past few years, Deadpool has grown from a comic book/video game fan favorite to a mainstream favorite character. Of course, the 2016 film is largely responsible for this, as it