COVID Forces Netflix To Cancel GLOW

Netflix's GLOW has been canceled. Earlier we reported on the delays that all of the Warner Bros. films due to Covid-19. It seems like every day we learn about another film or series that is

GLOW Will Get A Fourth And Final Season

While Netflix started out as the network to head to if you didn’t want your favorite show to get canceled, in recent years, they’ve been fairly brutal with the cancellation hammer, with plenty of fan-favorite

GLOW Season 3 Trailer: The Ladies Head To Vegas!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xQaCxIJX0J0 GLOW Season 2 kind of ended on a bittersweet note. Yes, the production of GLOW itself went pretty damn well, but the women got screwed out of a TV deal out of the network's

Netflix’s GLOW To Launch A 4 Issue Mini-Series Comic Book In March

The ladies of Netflix's series GLOW have worked the wrestling ring for two season now. While fans of the series wait for the third season, IDW Publishing has announced via The Hollywood Reporter that there

GLOW Renewed For Season 3

Everyone's favorite live-action shonen anime, GLOW, has been going on Netflix for two strong seasons. Starting out as a woman's journey to lock down a fulfilling acting gig, it very quickly turned into something much

GLOW Season 2 Will Be ‘Much Bigger’ The Showrunners Tease

GLOW was a Netflix series that really could have just appealed to a small niche. Realistically, there are a good number of people out there who love professional wrestling and who would have enjoyed any

Glow Season 2 Gets Release Date Announcement Video!

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwVOmTImfLA The Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestlings are headed back to Netflix! The streaming service just released a brand-new announcement video for the GLOW Season 2, and in it, they reveal the return date as June

GLOW Begins Production On Season 2

A new post on the Instagram account of actress Alison Bree announced the beginning of production for the second season of the Netflix series GLOW. The show stars Brie, who is probably best known for

SPLASH PAGE – Interview With Ray Chou, Writer For Skies Of Fire And Glow. 9 PANEL GRID PODCAST: EPISODE 17

We apologize for the long break! Life has taken both of us on ups and downs that have kept us away from our podcast, but we are finally back! In this SPLASH PAGE episode Jace