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Green Ghost and The Masters of the Stone Trailer Reveals Our Need for a Latin Superhero

The major studios with both DC and Marvel are slow to promote their Latin superheroes such as the Blue Beetle, Miles Morales, and America Chavez. No worries since the smaller production companies have been churning

David Beinstein on Crafting an Anti-Romantic Comedy with Are You Happy Now [Exclusive Interview]

Anti-romantic comedies are hard to approach. These types of stories come off with dark comedic tones with a lack of romanticism. So it must be carefully approached with the right cast and jokes to make

Bigfoot Famous | A Fun Chat With Writer/Directors Sam Milman and Peter Vass [Exclusive Interview]

Out this past week was the dark comedy from Gravitas Ventures Bigfoot Famous. For me, the grabber was Bigfoot of course as I am a fan of the legendary creature that so many have claimed

Neil Brown Jr. on His First Lead Role for Last Night in Rozzie [Exclusive Interview]

After years of playing supporting cast in notable film and television, actor Neil Brown Jr. landed his first lead role in the indie darling Last Night in Rozzie. And it’s a good fitting dramatic role.

Paul Kowalski On His Psychological Drama Feature Paper Tiger [Exclusive Interview]

Gravitas Ventures’ Paper Tiger is now available on VOD. This film by Paul Kowalski first premiered at Austin Film Festival in 2020, winning the audience award and a jury mention. This film makes me think

The Gold Star Women of Bastards’ Road – Exclusive Clip

This Monday, May 31st, America will observe Memorial Day. The day that commemorates all men and women who have died while serving in the military for our country. Recently we talked about an amazing documentary

Marine Veteran Jon Hancock On His Incredible 6,000 Mile Journey In Bastards’ Road [Exclusive Interview]

Hollywood tends to glamourize war and soldiers sometimes to the point where they look like a video game. Giving audiences an unrealistic view of what it's like for our soldiers in battle. What makes it

Kelvin Sewell and Stephen Janis Talk Police Chief Firing in The Friendliest Town Doc [Exclusive Interview]

[caption id="attachment_175617" align="alignnone" width="800"] Kelvin Sewell in The Friendliest Town Documentary[/caption] Pocomoke City may call itself “the friendliest town on the Eastern Shore.” However, this small town in Maryland was broiled in a civil and