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Weinstein Trial Delayed As Attorneys Are Given Time to Prepare for New Indictment

“We are going to file motions to dismiss this new indictment. And we believe we will be successful” - Donna Rotunna, Attorney for the Accused On 26 August in New York’s Supreme Court, Justice James

Harvey Weinstein Charged With Rape

  A New York Times article in early October began the downfall of a Hollywood mega producer. The months that followed involved increasing numbers of allegations, accusations and the formation of a movement. Victims were finally heard

Asia Argento Speaks Out Against Weinstein At Cannes

Italy-born writer, director and actress Asia Argento ( xXx, Land Of The Dead, Marie Antoinette) made an impact during the Cannes Film Festival award ceremony Saturday night in France. While presenting at the famed festival, Argento made

A New Allegation Against Harvey Weinstein Comes From The U.K.

Another sexual assault allegation against disgraced former movie mogul Harvey Weinstein has been brought forth. The accusation comes from overseas and will be the tenth accusation to come out of the United Kingdom against Weinstein.