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Roger Ross Williams Discussed Mother And Son Relationship In Cassandro | Exclusive

Roger Ross Williams takes us back to the 80s-90s era of lucha libre in Cassandro. With the story of Saúl Armendáriz and how he became a favorite Exótico in the Lucha Libre world. Portrayed by

Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion | Leo Chu & Eric S. Garcia On Bringing Mexican Traditions Of Lucha Libre To Disney+ [Exclusive]

This week Disney+ launched their new superhero series, Ultra Violet & Black Scorpion on Disney+. In this series, we are going to follow the journey of Violet Rodriguez, your typical Mexican-American teenager that is chosen

Nail In The Coffin Docu Shows Career Of Wrestling Misfit & Dedicated Father [Exclusive Interview]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uiJY3IlHYGo There's a lot at stake for Vampiro, the wrestling superstar and Lucha Libre legend. Nail In The Coffin: The Fall And Rise Of Vampiro shows Vampiro aka Ian Hodgkinson wrestle in the ring and