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Lucky Day Review: A Dark Crime Comedy That Doesn’t Hit The Target

Pulp Fiction’s success spawned a lot of cinematic imitators back in the day. That people are still trying to make films to this day that are nods to it and its potent mix of crime

Lucky Day: Crispin Glover on Film and Character Roles [Exclusive Interview]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynVs8PsMRsk It’s certainly a lucky day. Crispin Glover is well known playing eccentric unique characters both on the small and big screens. Once again, he is playing a “retirement” assassin for the mob, who is

Crispin Glover Is Batsh** Crazy In Lucky Day Trailer

You like Pulp Fiction? I like Pulp Fiction. To this day, it stands alone as a monolith of pop culture. It’s almost impossible to watch that movie without thinking about its impact on society. From