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Luke Cage Season 2 Finishes Production

Marvel Netflix is new original series The Punisher has just hit the streaming service, and while response to that has been decidedly mixed, they are still going straight ahead with all their other series. Currently

Luke Cage Season 2 Will Have ‘A Little Heroes For Hire’ Taste, Says Mike Colter

  A few weeks back, it was revealed that Iron Fist would be venturing back to the small screen in the second season of Luke Cage. The reveal came in the form of a photo

Iron Fist Will Be In Luke Cage Season 2

Iron Fist may have gotten a bad rap. After all, his season of television was the most poorly-received of the entire Defender group’s seasons, and despite bearing an obnoxiously long title that rivals His Royal

Luke Cage Season 2: Our First Look At Misty Knight’s Bionic Arm Revealed!

Watching Misty Knight do anything in the past two seasons of television (Luke Cage, Defenders) was a bit like watching an old episode of South Park. As I used to wait to see how Kenny

Luke Cage Season 2 Begins Filming

Sweet Christmas. It’s taken some time, but it looks like the Marvel Netflix shows are facing a production schedule that rivals the Marvel Cinematic Universe properties. This year, we’ve already seen the release of Iron

Luke Cage: Mike Colter Hopes Season 2 Will Cover The Character’s Very Public Identity

Every one of the Defenders has had his or her own set of very real problems in the Marvel Netflix universe. However, in one aspect, Luke Cage stands alone. Daredevil uses a mask to hide