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Mister Miracle Getting Turned Into A Movie From Ava DuVernay?! (UPDATED)

Update: So, after reviewing the tape, we acknowledge there is some room for interpretation here. The exact quote he gave was "I did Mister Miracle which is being turned into a movie w Ava Duvernay." Given

Eisner Award Winning Writer Tom King To Co-Write New Gods Screenplay With Ava Duvernay

I am a big fan of Jack Kirby's New Gods from DC that he created back in 1971 that featured two opposing planets, New Genesis, ruled by Highfather and Apokolips, ruled by Darkseid. Sometime ago

My DC Comics Picks From Our “Best of 2018” & More | DC Weekly

Big week for DC fans as we got the insight on the future of some of the DC films. Also our heroes continue their journeys in their respective shows like Supergirl, Arrow, Black Lightning, The

Spotlight: Mister Miracle – The 9 Panel Grid Podcast: EPISODE 31

Join Jace and Manny in this weeks SPLASH PAGE segment, where they spotlight a character or series. This week's choice is Mister Miracle. Who is currently being featured in a 12 issue mini series written

Mister Miracle #6 Shows Why It’s One Of 2017’s Best Comic Books

(WARNING SPOILERS AHEAD) With the release of Mister Miracle #6 this week by Tom King and Mitch Gerads we have reached the half way point of the series. Since the release of its first issue

Comic Talk – 9 Panel Grid Podcast: Episode 22

Join Jace and Manny as we get ready for the release of DC's Dark Nights: Metal #2 and Mister Miracle #2 by reviewing the first issues of the series. We also take some time and

Comic Book Review: Mister Miracle #1

One of the most exciting aspects of DC's Rebirth was the addition of Tom King to their line up of amazing talent that were going to undertake trying to fix issues that haunted DC during