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Bertie Gregory Discussed The Reunion In Animals Up Close With Bertie Gregory | Exclusive

The favorite National Geographic explorer Bertie Gregory is back with a new adventure in Animals Up Close With Bertie Gregory. Gregory takes us to a closer look to witness  wildlife survive hunger and danger. https://youtu.be/B_YfTFo4KII?si=cgXL3xwJkCTIFLvH

Dr.Paula Kahumbu Discussed Secrets Of The Elephants | Exclusive

A great way to celebrate Earth Day is with the new documentary Secrets of the Elephants. From the Secrets Of franchise that takes us through the walking journey of elephants in the wild with the

America’s National Parks | Nat Geo’s Celebration Of America’s Treasured Landscapes

This summer, National Geographic premieres their new annual America's National Parks Week event. They will take audiences on an extraordinary journey in their five-part documentary series, America's National Parks. This series will venture across world-famous

Mark Linfield And Greg Wilson Capture America The Beautiful In Fighter Jets [Exclusive Interview]

Mark Linfield and Greg Wilson are part of the National Geographic, America The Beautiful.  The perfect six part series that celebrates America for its beautiful landscape and wildlife. https://youtu.be/p8jYJQzcKpY The Synopsis  From the award-winning producers

Will Smith Explores Our Planet In the Welcome To Earth Trailer For Nat Geo!

The charismatic Will Smith gets out of his comfort zone to explore mother nature to its fullest. National Geographic brings Welcome To Earth with Smith on this unbelievable journey.  The Synopsis  It might seem humans

Check Out The Trailer For The New Nat Geo Series The Hot Zone: Anthrax!

Before Covid-19, there was the scare for anthrax exactly two decades ago. National Geographic brings a six-episode scientific thriller, The Hot Zone: Anthrax. A series inspired by true events.  [caption id="attachment_184487" align="aligncenter" width="700"] Daniel Dae

Nat Geo’s Hostile Planet: Producer Tom Hugh-Jones Interview and Sightseeing Whale Trip [Exclusive Interview]

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=goPzACtnQSA National Geographic Channel has been putting out some great programs. One of the more anticipated docu-series will be with Hostile Planet, narrated by Bear Grylls. With the changing planet environment, animals around the world