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Pacific Rim: The Black Season 2 Sets Up An Ultimate Finale

Pacific Rim has expanded from movies to other mediums including graphic novels and animation.   In early 2021 Netflix debuted the adult animated series Pacific Rim: The Black based on the popular franchise.  The series created for Netflix by

Pacific Rim, Altered Carbon To Get Anime Series On Netflix

Netflix continues to tread wildly into many different genres on their streaming service. Of course, we know they dominate the likes of drama and comedy, as evidenced by all their original content, but they've also

Pacific Rim: Uprising Director Steven DeKnight Discusses The Surprising Villain

MAJOR SPOILERS for Pacific Rim: Uprising. You know, if you care. Pacific Rim: Uprising was a pretty dumb (yet passable and enjoyable) sequel to what should have also been a pretty dumb original film, if

Pacific Rim Uprising Review: An Uneven Ride, But A Step Up From The Original

Before I delve into the actual review of the film, it's worth knowing right off the bat that this review is coming from someone who loathed that first film. I had gone into that first

Pacific Rim: Aftermath Fills In The Blanks Between Movies

Movie tie-in comics are nothing new. Star Wars has several monthly books. Marvel puts a limited series out for nearly all of their films before they drop. Even video games get tie-ins. While tie-in comics

Pacific Rim Uprising: The Influence Idris Elba Had On John Boyega’s Performance

Pacific Rim Uprising comes out this Friday (if you are a loser, everyone knows movies actually come out Thursday night at 7pm...) and boy, am I excited. Yes, it looks like a more cartoony, kids-friendly,

Pacific Rim Uprising Director Wants Film To Launch Cinematic Universe

You can’t fault Hollywood for being ambitious. Ever since Marvel broke new ground with their Cinematic Universe, others have been working hard to replicate the very thing. Additionally, there are filmmakers who have always dreamed


Last week I had the pleasure of getting to talk to one of my favorite writers in the comic industry. Joshua Fialkov is the Harvey, Eisner, and Emmy Award nominated writer of graphic novels, animation,