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The Last Duel Extended Clip Shows Preparations Before The Match

Hundreds of years ago, people settle their differences on a battlefield in front of a crowd—not by cyberbullying on social media or in a court. Based on a true story, The Last Duel is a

Ben Affleck And Matt Damon Reunite To Star And Pen Upcoming Ridley Scott Adaptation

It's been well over twenty years since best friends Matt Damon and Ben Affleck collaborated on Good Will Hunting, the screenplay that would win them the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay. Since then, the two

Ridley Scott Doesn’t Think Directors Should Sit In On Editing & Mixes

While reception to one of his recent films, Alien: Covenant, is debatable, there's no doubt that Ridley Scott is one of the big, hardworking directors in the movie business right now. This year alone, he