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Paramount+’s Rugrats | EG Daily and Tara Strong on Season Two and Intro to Dil Pickles

One of the most beloved characters from Rugrats is making his comeback in the rebooted series on Paramount+. In a mid-season introduction, the Pickles family has a new addition with the baby, Dil Pickles. Dil

Rugrats | We Meet One Of The Newest Characters Gabi With The Help Of Raini Rodriguez [Exclusive Interview]

The Rugrats have been around for thirty years! Yet our favorite characters from the series are still babies! Tommy Pickles, Chucky, Angelica, Kimi, Phil, and Lil are still entertaining us over at Paramount+ in an

Nancy Cartwright Talks Rugrats and Offers Masterclass in Voice Acting [Exclusive Interview]

Nancy Cartwright is pleased to return to the Rugrats world as the voice of Chucky. The reboot of Rugrats on Paramount+ gives the iconic Nickelodeon cartoon franchise a whole new look as a CGI-animated series.

The Babies Are Back In An All-New Rugrats Trailer From Paramount+

Allright 90s babies, and yes I do mean those of you turning thirty this year! (Scary right?) I have some good news that might awaken that inner child in you once again. Paramount+ is set

Nickelodeon’s Rugrats To Return For 26 More Episodes And A Live-Action Film

Fans of the 90s animated show, Rugrats, will be pleased to hear that Nickelodeon has plans to revive the series for an initial 26 episode order, as well as bring a live-action Rugrats movie to