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Black Lightning To End With Season 4 On The CW

Black Lightning has been one of my favorite superhero television series to date on The CW. Cress Williams has played a fantastic Jefferson Pierce. A high school principal that is forced to once again become

Black Lightning: Salim Akil Talks Themes And Possibility Of Other Characters | WonderCon 2018

[embed]https://youtu.be/IgFr2raPdNI[/embed] My favorite CW superhero show this season is without a doubt Black Lightning. This past Sunday at WonderCon during the Black Lightning panel inside the arena, audiences had the opportunity to get a first

Why You Should Stop, Drop & Watch The CW’s Black Lightning

When The CW and DC Entertainment officially announced the order for Black Lightning in 2017, I am sure that a lot of people out probably wrote it off as I suspect that a little bit