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Secret Invasion Director Unconcerned With Negative Reviews

In a recent interview, Secret Invasion director Ali Selim seems unconcerned with the negative reviews. As I'm sure you know, Secret Invasion's finale was last Wednesday and the RT score was an awful 13%. I

The Marvels Won’t Really Follow On From Secret Invasion | Barside Buzz

Annoyingly, according to the latest Barside Buzz, The Marvels movie won't really follow on from Secret Invasion. Secret Invasion ends with Fury and Varra heading to space to deal with potential Kree peace talks. Therefore,

Secret Invasion Finale Rated At 13% On RT – No One Liked The Ending

Well, it seems I was not alone and pretty much no one liked the ending of Secret Invasion as the finale is currently rated at 13% on RT. The overwhelming discourse I'm seeing online, from

Secret Invasion Finale Review: It’s Rubbish

Here is my Secret Invasion Finale review, and it's honestly a bit rubbish! I was worried after Episode 5 that this was going to be a finale which was designed to wrap up, rather than

Secret Invasion Episode 5 Review: My Least Favorite Episode So Far

Here is my Secret Invasion Episode 5 review and, though I'm enjoying the show still, this was my least favorite episode so far. There was nothing which ruined the show for me here. However, I

Marvel Studios’ “Secret Invasion” Unveils New Trailer: Nick Fury Races Against Time to Thwart Earth’s Clandestine Invasion

Disney+ released an exciting new trailer for Marvel Studios' highly anticipated series, "Secret Invasion." The espionage thriller, which has been keeping viewers on the edge of their seats, is nearing its conclusion with the release

Secret Invasion Episode 4 Review: No Mid Season Slog – Hallelujah!

Here is my Secret Invasion Episode 4 review and, I'm really still enjoying this show. That may not be so dramatic in that I've liked Episodes 1-3 so far. However, this is a 6 Episode

Secret Invasion Episode 3 Review: Still Enjoying!

Here is my Secret Invasion Episode 3 review and, I'm really still enjoying this show. If you read my review last week of the second episode, you know I loved it. Well, I can't quite

Secret Invasion: Does Nick Fury Know His Wife Is…SPOILERS?

Right up front I will say this article contains some pretty major SPOILERS for Secret Invasion Episode 2, so back out know if you've not seen Episode 2 and don't want spoilers. The question we

Secret Invasion Episode 2 Review: I loved It!

Here is my Secret Invasion Episode 2 review and man, I have to say, I loved it. If you read my review last week of the premiere that you know I liked it, but I