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Boyega Was Heartbroken Trevorrow’s Star Wars Episode 9 Never Happened

Actor John Boyega was heartbroken Trevorrow's Star Wars Episode 9 never happened. Unless you somehow missed all this, before Jar Jar Abrams was brought back to make the abomination that was The Rise of Skywalker,

Star Wars: John Boyega Preferred Trevorrow’s Episode 9

John Boyega preferred Trevorrow's Episode 9. Boyega has been pretty vocal about how he was not a fan of his character's arc in The Rise of Skywalker. Who can blame him? Finn spent most of

Star Wars: Fan Video Animates Luke and Kylo Meeting On Mustafar From Colin Trevorrow’s Unused Script

Anyone else enjoy StarWarsTheory on YouTube? The channel provides discussion and original content based on the Star Wars universe. They were responsible for bringing viewers the fanfilm Vader: Shards of the Past. The channel's latest