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Director Everardo Gout On Powerful Latin Leads In The Forever Purge [Exclusive Interview]

This weekend Universal Pictures finally wraps up James DeMonaco’s Purge series with The Forever Purge. This is the fifth film in the franchise that first rang the alarm for the purge back in 2013 in

Mexicans Are Front and Center with The Forever Purge in Spanish Featurette

In the supposed last chapter of The Purge series, The Forever Purge ends with a Mexican in the protagonist roles. Universal Pictures released a new featurette for The Forever Purge with its Latino stars Ana

The Forever Purge Trailer Reveals When Murder Continues Into Next Day

In The Purge franchise, the film concept is people let loose their anger, frustration and murderous rage for one day of the year legally. Now, the concept turned upside down in The Forever Purge with