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Matt Reeves Reveals Barry Keoghan’s Joker In A Chilling Deleted Scene

I had speculated that we wouldn't be getting to see the mysterious deleted scene from The Batman featuring Robert Pattinson's Batman and Barry Keoghan's Joker until it was closer to the at-home release. It would

The Joker Is On The Run In His Own Comic Book Series This March

Over at DC, we are just a few issues since the end of the Joker War event written by James Tynion IV in the pages of Batman. During which time we saw the Clown Prince

Could This Fan Have Solved The Mystery Of How The Joker Killed Robin In The DCEU?

Is this how the Joker killed Robin in the DCEU? As for late, there has been a little bit of a spotlight on the death of Robin, aka Jason Todd. It was a subject of

New Comics Wednesday August 12, 2020: The Comic Source Podcast

In this episode we discuss; New Comics Wednesday August 12, 2020: The Comic Source Podcast   Jace and Manny give a spoiler free look at some of the titles hitting stands today. We talk some

The Joker Takes Over Wayne Enterprises in the Pages of Detective Comics #1025

Detective Comics #1025 ties into the Joker War in a BIG way. The Joker and his henchmen have not only taken control of Waynetech R&D and all the weapons hidden within it's sublevel, they have

Harley Quinn S2 E6 Review: All The Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues

The Joker is back in Gotham City, except he doesn't know it. In this week's episode of DC Universe's Harley Quinn, we find Harley, voiced by Kaley Cuoco, and Poison Ivy, voiced by Lake Bell,

IMAX Joker Poster Shows Arthur Fleck Triumphant Amid All The Chaos

With Warner Bros. Pictures film Joker only a few weeks away we know that the marketing campaign will be in high gear. With it's recent Golden Lion Award at the Venice Film Festival and it's

John Carpenter Joins DC For A Year Of The Villain Joker One Shot Comic

DC Comics' 2019 event Year of the Villain is in full effect. With a lot of the focus on Lex Luthor, there is one villain not looking to be left out of the spotlight. We

Joker: The Pros And Cons Of An Origin Story

  DC looks as if they may have an upcoming hit on their hands in the same tone of where they found success before; the grounded nature of the Batman universe.  The Dark Knight Trilogy

Mark Hamill Reacts To Joker Trailer

  Alright, if you haven't seen the Joker trailer yet, then what are you waiting for?! (Click on the trailer below in order to watch it immediately!).  There have been some iconic actors don the