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Stephen Lang on Priestly Role in The Seventh Day [Exclusive Interview]

There’s no large or big role for Stephen Lang. Every role to him is important. In The Seventh Day, Stephen Lang plays an archbishop that oversees the exorcism program for the Catholic Church. He introduces

Guy Pearce Talks His Acting Techniques in The Seventh Day [Exclusive Interview]

Guy Pearce can play anything. For years, he played so many different roles convincingly that there probably not many challenging roles left he can’t tackle. In 1997, Pearce burst into American cinema as a determined

Vadhir Derbez on His First Lead American Role in The Seventh Day [Exclusive Interview]

Vadhir Derbez has been a fixture in Mexican television and movies for quite some time. When the lead role in the horror movie The Seventh Day came across his desk, he immediately jumped on the

Justin P. Lange On Bringing a Different Exorcism Film with The Seventh Day [Exclusive Interview]

Ever since The Exorcist, many filmmakers try to replicate the horrific tales of the Catholic Church performing exorcisms on possessed victims. For Justin P. Lange, he took a different route of a veteran exorcist training

The Seventh Day Trailer Has a Veteran Exorcist Training a Rookie Apprentice

[caption id="attachment_177259" align="alignnone" width="800"] The Seventh Day[/caption] Talk about the training day. In the new horror film The Seventh Day, a rookie exorcist teams up with a more experienced and renowned exorcist. As he shadows