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The Tomorrow War Review & Star Wars Visions Impressions | Breaking Geek Radio

https://soundcloud.com/los-fanboys/the-tomorrow-war-review-star-wars-visions-impressions-breaking-geek-radio In this latest episode, Jammer (@JAMTheWriter), Jonesy (@SirJonesiest), and Nick (@GeekyNickDoll) go into the latest geek news before checking back in with Loki and reviewing The Tomorrow War. Breaking Geek Radio: The Podcast is

The Tomorrow War 2? Amazon Is Ready For A Sequel

The Tomorrow War had a very successful global streaming debut over the past weekend.  The response of this caliber usually fuels rumors of potential sequels. According to a Deadline report, Amazon Studios is already in talks

Major Joshua “Cabo” Gunderson On Featuring The F-22 Raptor In The Tomorrow War [Exclusive Interview]

This weekend, Amazon Studios is releasing The Tomorrow War on Amazon Prime Video. This film was originally set for theatrical release by Paramount Pictures. Unfortunately due to the worldwide pandemic, it was sent to streaming

LRM EXCLUSIVE CLIP From The Tomorrow War Featuring Chris Pratt

Amazon Studios’ The Tomorrow War flips the script on the idea of time traveling to save the world. Usually, we see our protagonist having to travel back to the past to prevent a world-ending event.

Chris Pratt and Edwin Hodge on Sci-Fi Fun with Amazon’s The Tomorrow War [Exclusive Interview]

The fight for the future relies on the soldiers of the past. In Amazon’s The Tomorrow War, the film flashes the best aspects of alien invasion movies like Independence Day and Starship Troopers with certain

Jasmine Mathews and Keith Powers on Fighting For the Future in Amazon’s The Tomorrow War [Exclusive Interview]

The survival of the race literally lies in the future. Jasmine Mathews and Keith Powers both play soldiers from the future in Amazon Studio’s The Tomorrow War. The film has Chris Pratt in the lead

The Tomorrow War Trailer – To Save Humanity They’ll Need To Travel To The Future

Looking back, I think that Amazon Prime’s The Tomorrow War may be the most serious role that I have ever seen Chris Pratt in. We have seen some first-look images as well as some moving

First Look At The Tomorrow War Ahead Of Tomorrow’s Trailer

Check out a first look at The Tomorrow War starring Chris Pratt. The movie from Paramount was sold to Amazon and will be debuting on the Amazon Prime Service. Some stills from the movie have

Chris Pratt Shares Concept Art For Sci-Fi Film The Tomorrow War

I love the process of filmmaking. I obviously wouldn’t be a part of this site if I didn’t love all the talent and art that goes into making something happen on the big screen. But

Chris Pratt’s Ghost Draft Gets A New Image, And A Title Change

Imagine a world where, at any moment, you could be drafted into a war. And not the war for some ongoing conflict you’ve been following, but a war that takes place in the future. That’s