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Transformers Producers Didn’t Notice Franchise Fatigue Until The Last Knight Failed

As much as I enjoyed that very first live-action Transformers film from Michael Bay, there is little denying that it's never been the franchise of quality. After that first film, the storytelling in the film

U.S. Studios Don’t Need U.S. Audiences Anymore

Stop me if you've heard these: Wonder Woman is the highest-grossing film of the summer. The latest Transformers is a flop. Valerian has no chance to make its budget back. All of these statements are

Relax, Transformers: The Last Knight Isn’t Over 3 Hours Long

Michael Bay’s Transformers movies are known to be a lot of things. They’re loud, vibrant, sometimes exciting, yet always over-bloated. Each film has clocked in at over 2 hours and 20 minutes, and the most

Transformers: The Last Knight IMAX Footage Description & Breakdown

Tonight was the Transformers: The Last Knight fan event and I was in attendance, just for you! The event featured about twenty minutes of footage the film. It was a series of clips jumping from