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Another Challenger Appears: Regal Cinemas Chastises Universal For Trolls World Tour Move

First AMC Theatres. Now Regal Cinemas. Good ol’ Hollywood just keeps on churning out the goods. No, I don’t mean the movies. I mean the real-time entertainment in the form of chastising statements and power

Begun The Troll Wars Have: NATO Responds To AMC-Universal Feud

There's a feud between AMC and Universal -- and guess who the poster child is? Who would have thought a kids’ movie like Trolls World Tour would become the center of an industry-wide feud? If

AMC Theaters Threatened By Trolls World Tour VOD Success, Refuses To Show Future Universal Films

Earlier today we got the numbers for Universal's Trolls World Tour. This sequel to 2016's Trolls was supposed to be released in theaters. But since theaters were closed, it was released on VOD instead. NBCUniversal

The Future Is Now: Trolls World Tour Did WAY Better On VOD Than The First Film Did In Theaters

Trolls World Tour may very well usher in a new era of digital releases. As terrible as the current pandemic is, it did open up some legitimate experiment opportunities for studios. For years, they’ve been

Trolls: World Tour Looking To Turn Everyone Into Rock Zombies

https://youtu.be/08AExF6dETA In 2016 Dreamworks released Trolls which starred Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake as voices for the two Trolls Poppy and Branch. The film did well in theaters especially for being an animated film. Trolls

Trolls World Tour Drops A New Trailer

While the original Trolls film was the kind of movie that was easy to get cynical about, it turned out to be a fun little movie. It wouldn’t exactly win any awards, but not every

Trolls World Tour Trailer Brings In Every Type Of Music Imaginable

A few years back, I was in a particularly foul mood. Things weren't going my way, so instead of facing my problems like an adult, I instead walked into an animated kids film, and I