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Unversal’s We Will Be Monsters Available in Virtual Theater Within Fortnite

Universal’s dream of the Monster Universe setting is settling in nicely, but not necessarily on the film front. After Universal’s slow development uniting Dracula, Invisible Man, and the Mummy with its film, its universe proceeded

James Wan Producing New Van Helsing Film, ‘Overlord’ Helmer Julian Avery Will Direct

According to Deadline famed the vampire vanquisher from Bram Stoker's Dracula, Van Helsing, is set to return to the screen with James Wan producing. Julius Avery (Overlord) is lined up to direct the film as

Universal Thinks Shortening The Theatrical Window Will Help Theaters Return Quicker

Universal thinks their new AMC deal will lead to theaters opening up sooner. Here's how. We’re at an odd place in film history. Hell, we’re at an odd place in world history. There’s never been

AMC, Universal Reduce Theatrical Window To GROUNDBREAKING 17 Days

AMC and Universal put their feud to an end. The world was already changing pretty quickly. Streaming services were taking up a good chunk of the entertainment market share. As the years have gone on,

Analyst Predicts Studios Will Shorten 90-Day Theatrical Window – I’m On Board

Universal/Disney Studios will shorten 90-day theatrical window according to a Wall Street analyst. The film industry was thrown into chaos with the Coronavirus crisis, and we don't fully know how things will change going forward.

Begun The Troll Wars Have: NATO Responds To AMC-Universal Feud

There's a feud between AMC and Universal -- and guess who the poster child is? Who would have thought a kids’ movie like Trolls World Tour would become the center of an industry-wide feud? If

First Look At Minions: The Rise Of Gru, Full Trailer Wednesday

https://youtu.be/3Zibb6lVCRw Believe it or not the Despicable Me franchise from Illumination has been around for almost a decade. The first film Despicable Me, released on July 9th, 2010 introduced us to Felonious Gru, who has

Aaron Sorkin’s Trial Of The Chicago 7 Is On Hold

Legendary screenwriter Aaron Sorkin's next project, The Trial Of The Chicago 7, has been put on hold. Fresh off his directorial debut in 2017 with Molly's Game, which earned him an Oscar nomination for his adapted screenplay, Sorkin

Should Universal Be Worried About Their Dark Universe Plans?

Everybody loves Marvel, everybody wants what Marvel has, but nobody really knows how to do what Marvel has done. Of course, I'm speaking from the perspective of the big Hollywood studios, who've decided in recent