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Valiant Entertainment Announces New Ninjak Title

Ninjak or Ninja-K aka Colin King is one of my favorite characters in the Valiant Universe. He is a British millionaire playboy that also serves as a special agent of MI-6's Ninja Programme. When he

If Scorsese Would Make A Superhero Film It Would Be A Valiant One According To Dan Mintz

Back in 2013 when I got back into comics my buddy introduced me to Valiant Entertainment. I was immediately hooked when I started reading Harbinger. This lead to me picking up Bloodshot, then Archer &

Is John Cena Hinting At A Superhero Role?

We last saw John Cena last weekend in the first-ever Firefly Funhouse match against Bray Wyatt's The Fiend during WrestleMania 36. It wasn't much of a match rather a walk down Cena's career. Recently he

Valiant Entertainment Won’t Release Digital-First Comics During Pandemic

It is unfortunate that for the time being there is no end in sight for this pandemic. One of the most affected industries is the comic book industry. This relies on a week to week

RUMOR: Could A Bloodshot Reboot Already Be In Motion?

I talked in a recent post about the bad timing of Sony's Bloodshot starring Vin Diesel. The Valiant Entertainment property was supposed to hit theaters last month, but it was pushed back to March. What

Valiant’s Shadow Man Classic Video Game Getting Re-Released For A Second Time

[caption id="attachment_157292" align="alignnone" width="800"] Courtesy of Valiant Entertainment[/caption] Valiant contains some of my favorite comic book characters. Unfortunately I can't say that Shadown Man is one of them. It just happened that when I jumped

SPOILERS: The Post Credit Scene To Bloodshot That We Didn’t Get

WARNING: SPOILERS FOR SONY'S BLOODSHOT AHEAD Right before all the theaters starting shutting down here in the United States, Sony Pictures released the first film from the Valiant Universe titled, Bloodshot. In this film Vin

Positive Audience Reviews and Decent CinemaScore Can’t Save Bloodshot

It's always entertaining to speculate "What If" situations. In this case I pose the question regarding Sony's Bloodshot, which is based of the classic Valiant Entertainment character. What if it would have opened on February

Valiant Entertainment’s Shadowman Returns This May

One of my favorite horror comic book writers will be releasing a new project this May via Valiant Entertainment. New York Times bestselling writer Cullen Bunn and artist Jon Davis-Hunt are part of the creative

The ‘Worst Superhero Duo’ Quantum & Woody Return This Wednesday

The "worlds worst superhero duo in the world", Quantum & Woody are back this Wednesday at comic book shops everywhere from Valiant Entertainment. This not dynamic duo have been around since June 1997 when they first