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Weathering With You: A Wonderful Tale Of Young Love And Sacrifice | Review

Weathering With You is director Makoto Shinkai’s follow-up to Your Name, the 2016 smash hit that is soon to get a western live-action adaptation. The Film currently enjoys a 97% score from critics on Rotten

Weathering With You: Award-Winning RADWIMPS On Re-Teaming With Anime Auteur Makoto Shinkai For Score

The Japanese band RADWIMPS gained international fame with their work on the award-winning Kimi no Na wa (Your Name), an anime film that saw its male and female leads switching bodies and influencing each other's

Weathering With You Clip Shows A Charming Weather Ritual Going Down

As anime auteur Makoto Shinkai (finally) proved with the film Your Name, he has a talent to weave in the common with the uncommon. Standard fiction into fantasy and sci-fi. Intimate love stories with greater

When Weathering With You Director Makoto Shinkai’s Next Film Will Likely Hit

The creative process is pretty darn unpredictable. That being said, if it’s your career, you’re often expected to put out content with some regularity. You have some filmmakers who can put out a movie a

Japan Selects Weathering With You As Their International Oscar Pick

You can tell a lot about how a studio feels about their movie based on the categories they select them for. On a few occasions, Disney Animation and Pixar have expanded out of the Best

Your Name Director’s Next Film Gets A Trailer And Poster

https://youtu.be/VGksHFs04Rc Anime director Makoto Shinkai has had a meteoric rise into the mainstream. His last film, Your Name, managed to pull in an astounding $358 million worldwide, and for a film from Japan, that's damn