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Kelsey Grammer’s Beast Rumored For Post-Credit Scene In The Marvels | Barside Buzz

According to the latest Barside Buzz Kelsey Grammer's Beast is rumored for a post-credit scene in The Marvels. The movie hits in a few weeks and we already know one of the post-credit scenes. Well,

Matthew Vaughn Details Crazy Reason He Left X-Men: The Last Stand

Director Matthew Vaughn recently detailed the crazy reason he left X-Men: The Last Stand. Honestly I hadn't even known Vaughn was initially hired as the director of the third X-Men movie for Fox. Of course,

Vinnie Jones Says He Felt Like An Extra When He Played Juggernaut

Former Footballer turned actor, Vinnie Jones has found himself in both memorable roles and films throughout his career. Jones plays an unforgettable character, Bullet-Tooth Tony in my favorite (non-franchise) film of all-time, Snatch. The first

Simon Kinberg Wrote X-Men: Days Of Future Past To Erase X-Men 3

Who here remembers X-Men: The Last Stand? What a gargantuan mess of a film that was -- and that's not even from the perspective from a diehard comic book fan. That's simply from a narrative