Vinnie Jones Says He Felt Like An Extra When He Played Juggernaut

Former Footballer turned actor, Vinnie Jones has found himself in both memorable roles and films throughout his career. Jones plays an unforgettable character, Bullet-Tooth Tony in my favorite (non-franchise) film of all-time, Snatch.

The first time I remember taking notice of Jones was in Gone in 60 Seconds, ( I hadn’t seen Lock, Stock, And Two Smoking Barrels or Snatch at that point) where he played a character named The Sphinx who’s only lines came at the end of the film, surprising the rest of the characters.

A few years later, Jones found himself part of Fox’s X-Men universe, in the final chapter of the mutant trilogy, X-Men: The Last Stand, playing Juggernaut. While a great opportunity for Jones, he recently spoke about how the filmmakers pulled sort of a cinematic bait-and-switch on him. Promising a version of the character that was never realized. You can check out what Jones had to say while speaking with ComicbookMovie down below. And unlike his Gone in 60 Seconds, Jones has a whole lot to say.

“I loved the role, but hopefully you can put it f***ing right here, mate. I basically got mugged off. Matthew Vaughn signed me up, and it was a great role and a great script, and Juggernaut was a great character. I signed up for three of them, and that will show you how serious I was about it. Brett Ratner basically dissolved the character. I was in my f***ing trailer half the time. It’s one of the most disappointing jobs I’ve been on as far as, you  know, ‘What am I doing here?'”

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More from Jones:

“It wasn’t the same Juggernaut as I signed on for. They took his storyline away, they’d taken his character away, his dialogue. I had two big meetings with Brett about it, and he said, ‘Yeah, yeah, it’s coming. They’re writing stuff for you as we speak’ and it never f***ing happened. Disappointment wise, that was probably one of the biggest. What’s upsetting is some of the fans blame me! It was f***ing nothing to do with me! That role, I didn’t sign up for. The Juggernaut you saw was not the Juggernaut I signed on for with Matthew Vaughn, I’ll tell you that now. It upset me.”

Now, while I don’t know him personally, I’m guessing Vinnie Jones isn’t the type of guy you want to string along. Who knows, perhaps at the time what Brett Ratner told him was actually happening, however, the way Jones put it, Ratner’s words seem to come off as, “I’m busy guy, go away.” Again, this is likely Jones paraphrasing him, but it does sound like Jones thought he was going to get the Juggernaut he was promised.

“I know what it means to the fans, and I felt like I was a bit of a scapegoat as no one ever told my side of it. Nobody ever stood up and said, ‘Hold on a minute, we completely whitewashed Vinnie’s character. Basically, I was an extra, mate. That’s how I felt. I was gutted, to be honest.”


Jones continued:

It was a different script, and then Brett, for some reason, brought all these other characters on board that had one line each in the f***ing movie and it was a joke, really. It was so disappointing, you know?”

Jones says he would love another chance to play the Juggernaut.

Yeah, I’d love a chance at putting it right. I really would. That is a stone that I need to turn over if I ever got that chance.”

Well, this seems like a huge weight lifted off Jones’ chest, and I for one am happy to see him unburden himself. Perhaps the filmmakers had good reason to cut so much of Juggernaut out of the film. However, it doesn’t seem like Jones was notified of the changes in a timely manner. I hope that he does get another chance at Juggernaut. Though currently the character, who made an appearance in Deadpool 2, is computer-generated and is voiced by Ryan Reynolds. However, who knows what the future may hold now that Disney is running the show.

How much money would it take for you to fight one-on-one against Vinnie Jones (For me? It would have to be least six figures)? Let us know in the comments down below!

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