– by Seth McDonald

Thought by many to be one of the more versatile actors currently in Hollywood, Christian Bale has yet to take on the classic genre of a romantic comedy. Jumping around to a number of diverse roles including Batman, the serial killer Patrick Bateman, and clever magician Alfred Borden, Bale has shown his affinity for changing things up as far as the jobs he takes.

In speaking with The Guardian, Bale explains that his not appearing in a rom-com, isn’t for lack of being asked:

“I was asked to do a romantic comedy recently and I thought they’d lost their minds. Cats have those insane half hours every evening. I think it must have been that for the production company. I don’t know why anyone would ever offer me a romantic comedy. I find American Psycho very funny.”

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I have little doubt that Bale could pull off a character in a romantic comedy if he ever did decide to take on that kind of role, the guy really does go all out; have you seen The Machinist? It seems to me, that there probably isn’t enough meat on the bone for a character in a romantic comedy for Bale to latch onto the way he has his other roles, or it could be that he just doesn’t want to play that type of character. I would much rather see bale pursue a Star Wars role (read about it in the related section!) than watch him fall in love.

Bale can next be seen in the western, Hostiles.

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Source: The Guardian