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The Acolyte Twins Rumor Confirmed Officially By Lead Star| SPOILERS

Some Star Wars potential SPOILERS folks, as The Acolyte twins rumor has been confirmed officially by lead star Amandla Stenberg.

Some Star Wars potential SPOILERS folks, as The Acolyte twins rumor has been confirmed officially by lead star Amandla Stenberg. As said in the title, we are talking potential big SPOILERS here so be wary if you want to know nothing going into the series.

Confirmed SPOILERS Below!

Let’s start with that rumor. Back when The Acolyte was filming a rumor was spread by leakers that Amandla Stenberg was playing identical twins. One a Jedi and one a Sith Acolyte. (See related section below). There were also rumors at the time that Manny Jacinto’s character was a set of identical twins as well. The Jacinto part, well, we need to wait and see for now. However, recent interviews (prior to video below) and press releases seemed to indicate that Stenberg is playing two characters. One is listed officially as Mae Aniseya and the other seemed to be called Osha.

Mae has been officially listed as Stenberg’s character for a while, but we never had a surname, until now. In official press release material we now know that Jodie Turner-Smith’s character is named Mother Aniseya. Now, is that just a coincidence, or is the ‘witch’ actually mother, or other family to Mae? I’ll let you theorize on that one for yourself. However, to me it seems Jodie plays the twins’ mother.

Now for the confirmed details in the title. A recent interview with the cast of The Acolyte sees Stenberg state that she plays twins named Osha and Mae. In the video below from Electric Playground, Stenberg goes on to say she plays twins that are both aligned to different sides of the Force. Interestingly, the Osha twin is not listed anywhere as character on official material. However, it’s pretty clear those twins rumors, one good side and one dark side, were correct. Check it out for yourself.

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The old rumor said that as children Osha was taken by the Jedi and trained whereas Mae was not, and later recruited by the Sith. It may be that Mother Aniseya only appears in the first episode as a flashback, and it’s possible she gets killed based on little things we’ve heard. As you can see, this is all lining up to match those early leaks.

So, it is now confirmed by Stenberg herself that she is playing Force sensitive twins called Mae and Osha, and we now know the surname for both is Aniseya and  it’s likely Turner-Smith is playing their mother. It could be they reveal this in Episode 1, but I can’t be sure how long the mystery will last, hence the SPOILER warning above.

What do you think of this spoilers news as The Acolyte twins rumor has been confirmed officially by lead star Amandla Stenberg? Does this mean the Jacinto twins rumor could also be true? As always, leave us any thoughts you have on this Star Wars news below.

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