The Rings Of Power Writer Talks Sauron And The Elven Rings

Deadline recently spoke to members of the cast, and there are plot points from The Rings of Power Season 2 we can guess from those comments.

Now that Season 1 has been aired, one The Rings of Power writer, Gennifer Hutchison talks Sauron and the Elven Rings. Specifically in reference to some of the lore changes that have been made for the show. If you’ve not watched Season 1 of The Rings of Power, then there will be major SPOILERS here so be warned!

Two of the biggest changes made to the lore were the reveal of Sauron, his relationship with Galadriel and the fact the Three Elven Rings were created first. In the books there is no clear hint that Sauron and Galadriel ever met in the way they do in the show. Equally, the Three Rings of the Elves were created last in the books, after the other 16 lesser Rings were created. So what did Hutchison say when she spoke to Inverse recently? First off, Sauron.

“That’s the challenge, right? What’s nice is you have that great foundation of, like, “This is the story, these are the dynamics,” and then you’re able to fill in details. It really becomes about what’s going to best serve characters. If we’re centering a story on Galadriel and her journey, you’re asking questions like, “What’s the best way to also bring this character in?” To get to ring forging, in what context would that come? Just finding ways in, while still honoring the spirit and beats that you’re trying to make sure you’re hitting as you go.”

As for the Halbrand decision?

“We wanted a foil for Galadriel. Someone who was running from their past and a little bit checked out. Someone that she could pull back in, because she’s so driven. And so that character just started springing up from what that dynamic could be.”

On comparisons made by the showrunners to Walter White when teasing Sauron’s journey in Season 2, here is what Hutchison, who worked on Breaking Bad had to say.

“I think the idea is, at a certain point, Walter really embraced his Heisenberg identity. We know who Sauron is, he has been revealed to at least Galadriel. How does he start to stretch his legs?”

As for the reason to have the Three Eleven Rings forged first?

“So much of the season was about the elves and their journey, and Galadriel’s journey, and the fading [of Eregion]. So, we wanted to tie those rings into that story. It was about narrowing our focus down on them and having those rings cap off the season. Because we had to make rings. It felt like the climax of that arc, as opposed to trying to manage the timeline in a different way.”


Ultimately I do understand some of the decisions. As a fan of the books I have a few issues which need to be resolved for me. First off I need to understand why an Angel with the power to be non-corporeal was on a wrecked boat stranded in the middle of the Ocean. That was the reason I doubted all the very obvious hints that Halbrand was Sauron. Why would a being such as Sauron have been on that raft? Perhaps the show will try to explain this somehow in Season 2? If they don’t, it’s going to remain a plot hole for me.

As for the Rings, All I can say is that I prefer the book’s logic. Sauron comes with gifts of knowledge (in disguise) and eventually he finds the one Elf that will be swayed and he begins working with Celebrimbor. They forge Nine Rings for Men and Seven for Dwarves together. Sauron then leaves to go make the One in Mount Doom. Meanwhile Celebrimbor devises the Three with no direct input from Sauron. Therefore when Sauron first wears the One he percieves the Three for the first time. Equally, the Elves wearing the Three percieve Sauron’s deception. The fact Sauron never touches the Three is important. That fact means that in the Third Age, when Sauron has lost the One, the Three work as they were originally intended. Whereas it is implied the Seven and the Nine still have a corrupting influence.

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Hopefully Season 2 see’s Sauron go back to Celebrimbor in disguise. Therefore we see Sauron aid in the forging of the Seven and the Nine, then it’s not too bad. After all, despite aiding in their conception, Sauron had already fled Eregion before the Three were actually forged. Also, as far as Sauron knows, it’s only supposed to be two Rings. I guess all we can do is see how Season 2 pans out? What do you think as The Rings of Power writer Gennifer Hutchison talks Sauron and the Three Elven Rings? As always, leave any thoughts below.

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