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Over the last several years, Walton Goggins has become quite the sought-after actor. Beginning on television, the actor quickly moved on to feature films, and can next be seen in the reboot of the Tomb Raider franchise, where Goggins will be doing what he likely does best, playing a villain. The actor recently spoke with IGN and talked about the motivations of his character, Mathias Vogel:

“I suppose his vendetta, if there is one, really comes from anger and frustration at the last seven years of his life, at the mundane kind of aspect of his life, which is looking for this tomb, you know? He’s wasted his life and has missed his family, looking for this thing that Lara Croft’s father had the coordinates for. And you meet him not at the nascent stage of his journey or the apex of his journey, but literally on a Wednesday of the longest week of his life. And he’s just exhausted.”

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Goggins continued on what drives his character:

“This man is ready to get off of this island, and he will do anything to achieve that end. A cog in the wheel, and what the audience doesn’t know is how big of a player he truly is. And I won’t ruin that for you, because I think that you need to see the movie in order to answer that question.”

Though Goggins began taking roles in the 1990s, he marked his first memorable role in the industry on the dirty cop drama, The Shield. Since then he has had recurring roles on shows such as Son of Anarchy and The Six. While I had seen Goggins here and there (mostly on The Shield), he didn’t really catch my eye until his turn as the scene-stealing southerner, Boyd Crowder, on Justified.

Tomb Raider hits theaters March 16.

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Source: IGN