– by Anthony Esteves

Michael B. Jordan is quickly becoming the next big actor to run Hollywood. From his meager beginnings with roles on The WireAll My ChildrenFriday Night Lights, and Parenthood, Jordan caught the eye of critics and audiences in Fruitvale Station which then lead to Creed, placing Jordan in a new arch within the Rocky franchise. Then, 2018 came and Jordan embodied the intriguing antagonist Erik Killmonger in the epic blockbuster Black Panther. Jordan’s trio of successes with director Ryan Coogler and his steady tread to the A-list has made him an easily recognizable face in mainstream entertainment.

Now, Jordan has hit the press train promoting the upcoming Creed II, the sequel to his previous film that pits his character Adonis Johnson against Viktor Drago, the son of Ivan Drago. As every Rocky fan knows very well, Ivan Drago is the boxer responsible for killing Adonis’ father Apollo Creed in Rocky 4, which pretty much ensures the high level of intense, emotional drama Creed II is bound to have. Moreover, fighting a Drago means Balboa will most likely train Johnson like a mad man.

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Jordan recently sat down with GQ to talk about his career so far and about the upcoming film. He also briefly touched on how his physique in the sequel has changed compared to the first film:

“I wanted to be bigger than I was in the first Creed. More shredded than I was in Black Panther. I just wanted to see evolution. When I look at Creed now, I’m like, ‘I look like a kid.’ I look like a 20-year-old punk.”

The transformation comes as no surprise to devoted Rocky fans, as Jordan seems to be taking the same steps Sylvester Stallone took in the physical evolution of his boxer protagonist. Additionally, in facing an individual like the son of Ivan Drago, it only makes sense for the Adonis Johnson character to increase mass and speed, mirroring his trainer’s own attack plan three decades ago.

Creed II  is set to release nationwide on Thanksgiving Day.

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Source: GQ.